Our Valuable Clients

Meller Designs

Founded: 1913, Bedford, United Kingdom.

Meller Designs, alongside our sister company, Cityfax, has grown to become a global supplier of fashion accessories and hosiery. We offer a complete concept to delivery service for all of our customers.


Founded: 2015, New York, USA

Mio Marino is a global fashion accessories brand that ignites the flame that drives today’s lifestyles. Bold choices reflect the thrill-seekers, our laidback and inspired humans, and the men and women who enjoy perfection with a touch of elegance.


Founded: 1993, Lisbon, Portugal

MAXIVENDA, IMPORT-EXPORT, LDA is an Importer, Exporter, Marketing, Distributor and Wholesaler of Clothing, Apparel, Knitwear, Fabrics, Mittens, Raw materials, Food & Beverage and Other Products.

Kushner Clothing

Founded: 1968, Cape Town, South Africa

Kushner Clothing specializes in cute and fashion-forward clothing and accessories for babies, kids, and adults, using current styles and colors.

Mosquets Clothing

Founded: 2017, Ratingen, Germany

Mosquets Clothing is a design venture born in Germany, combining luxury garments with a contemporary streetwear style.


Founded: 2003, Illford, United Kingdom

Popsoda are based in London UK and have a long history of original and unique design, inspired by the international alternative scene. We currently have 3 brands which are Hell Bunny, Spin Doctor & Chet Rock and each with their own distinctive personality and style.

Native Youth

Founded: 2011, Manchester, United Kingdom

Native Youth, the brand's clothes have been snapped up by some of the world's trendiest stores, including Urban Outfitters and ASOS in the UK, as well as a galaxy of stars.

NL Group

Founded: 2018, St. Petersburg, Russia

NLG is the creation of modern effective strategies and tactics for the development of a successful business in the fashion industry. Our unique comprehensive approach allows you to create a general concept and work out every step for your business.

RO ROX Boutique

Founded: 2011, Hampshire, United Kingdom

UK based Banned apparel is at the forefront of alternative, vintage and must-have retro inspired fashion. Established in 2011 in the UK Banned clothing has become one of the leading brands for fashion seekers looking for genuine alternative and retro inspired outfits.

Duke Clothing

Founded: 1985, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Duke Clothing is a world renowned supplier of men’s casualwear, delivering to destinations all over the planet. Widely recognized as EUROPE’S leading branded marketeer of regular and king size men’s clothing.