At Sharontex Bangladesh, we embody the belief in constant improvement. As a united group, we embrace challenges and remain steadfast in our commitment to shaping a brighter tomorrow. Our success is a product of collective effort, and we're constructing an ever-evolving organization as we continue to expand.

Situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sharontex is a nimble privately held company with global partnerships that span the globe.

We actively seek individuals with versatile skills in Merchandising, Quality Assurance, Research & Development, Marketing, Operations, Technician & Industrial Engineering, and beyond. Are you someone who excels under pressure? Our ideal candidates are those who revel in pushing their boundaries to achieve personal excellence. We provide comprehensive training and development opportunities within a dynamic, fast-paced, and thrilling environment.

Moreover, we extend an invitation to freelance marketing and merchandising professionals to leverage our platform, facilitating growth and establishing robust business prospects.

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